Figure it Out Friday: Lesson 001 - Part One

Figure it Out Friday's: Lesson One - Part One

Welcome to the first, "Figure it Out Friday," Ear Training Guitar Lesson. 

The focus of these lessons will be to study how to transcribe, (learn by ear), a new guitar melody or a chord progression every week... 

Musical ideas are released on Tuesday, with the Music and TAB's released that same week on Friday. Do your best on the days in between to learn the musical parts. Then, be sure to check out the "Part Two" video to learn exactly how the musical idea operates. Enjoy the new series!

Figure it Out Friday: Lesson 001 - Part One


  1. Excellent, thanks Andrew. What I did was to convert the vid in mp3 (, than open the mp3 in audacity, select the At tempo and Played slower section, export it to a new mp3 to work it out easily with my guitar. Then I wrote the tab in tuxguitar. Et voilà.

    1. Modern day transcription... Certainly different from when I had to keep lifting off & on the needle of an old scratchy LP to find the beginning of the riff /lick! Good for you glad you've put time into it and are working on learning the ideas! Thanks for the great comment! - Andrew