Mini Rhythm & Blues Dominant Chords

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This weeks GuitarBlog covers Miniature Rhythm and Blues Dominant Chords. 

Rhythm and Blues mixes a number of other guitar styles and techniques together. This form of music has several ways that it can use to generate both different chord patterns on the neck and different ways to cover the harmonies. 

Since this style has close ties to Blues it will generally contain a number of dominant 7th chords. The ways that we can end up applying these chords will often be through the use of smaller voicings on the neck. 

These "mini" chord voicings can be highlighted by filler tones played around the small chord patterns. In this lesson, we're going to breakdown a collection of these miniature Rhythm and Blues chords, plus I will also demonstrate their use within different chord progressions. Enjoy this weeks video!

Mini Rhythm and Blues Dominant Chords

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