Micro Lesson 186: "C Major" Ionian Mode Melody

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 186"

This Micro Lesson covers a "C Major" Melody line performed along the neck using multiple fret-board positions. 

The melody line begins up in the 12th position using pull-off's on the 2nd and 3rd guitar strings. Measure two copies the feel of measure one with a different resolution tone down a whole-step. Pick-up notes bring in measure three where we have a pedal-tone lick off of the key's tonic note of "C." At measure four of our melody we move horizontal along the 4th string from the 9th position into 5th. 

The phrasing of our melody is fairly rapid with mixed sixteenth-notes and eighth-notes. There are also plenty of hammer-on's and pull-off's in this short four measure phrase to aide players developing those techniques. 

Take your time learning the melody. Be sure to commit it to memory prior to building speed. Use a metronome to get the timing 100%. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 186: "C Major" Ionian Mode Melody


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