Micro Lesson 180: "Key of G" Funky Dominant 7 Groove

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 180"

This Micro Lesson explores a Funky 16th-Note jam groove around the harmony of the "G Dominant 7th" chord. 

The groove begins with a three-note segment from the upper string "G7" chord and follows up the chord attack with a fast-paced 16th-note triplet lick out of the "G Minor" Pentatonic Scale. 

In measure two, we have a similar start with the same "G7" chord attack. However, the rest of the measure outlines a "G7" arpeggio. 

In measure three, the voicing of the "G7" chord shifts up the neck into 8th position. The follow-up lick once again uses notes from the "G Minor" Pentatonic Scale. 

A smooth full-step bend is applied at the end of the measure to pull the phrase around into a two-chord turnaround. 

Measure four maintains our funky feel by resolving the part with syncopated "F7" and "E7" chords. 

Take your time developing speed on this one. The chord shapes can be tricky to fret for those new to these shapes. As always use a metronome to build speed. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 180: "Key of G" Funky Dominant 7 Groove


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