Micro Lesson 178: "D Minor" Suspended 2nd Melody

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 178"

This Micro Lesson runs through a "D Minor" melody which applies a series of "Suspended 2nd Chords." 

The chord progression works through the; Root, VIIth, VIth and Maj. Vth chords of the "D Minor" key. This progression operates in more of an arpeggio approach offering chord outlines in a sweeping effect highlighting each chord in an ascending and descending fashion. 

The suspended effect on this melody occurs at the execution of the arpeggiated outline of the first three chord tones on each measure. In other words we initiate each measure with the chords "Root, 5th and 2nd" degrees only. This is the "Suspended 2nd." 

A "Suspended 2nd Chord" does not possess a quality (major or minor color). Instead the "2nd" replaces the color defining tone (the 3rd) with the second scale degree chord-tone. The result is a dreamy "floating" sound, which "suspends" the chord from actually having a quality of Major or Minor. 

Take your time developing the picking patterns. If using a flat-pick, (plectrum), trace each string closely with your pick. 

If using finger-style to perform this piece, be sure to coordinate the correct finger picking approach. My recommendation would be to use a classical guitar style finger-plucking technique. 

Above all else, memorize the progression and commit each phrase to memory before attempting to build speed. Enjoy the progression!

Micro Lesson 178: "D Minor" Suspended 2nd Melody


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