Stop the Pain from Guitar Playing


Stop the Pain from Guitar Playing

If you play guitar long enough, at some point you will  likely experience pain from over-exertion, strain or possibly from stress... 

It may be pain in your fingers, or somewhere within your hand, your wrist or possibly in your arm. A lot of times the pain appears when you've been practicing several hours of difficult technical guitar related ideas. Or, after working for too long of a period on a difficult song. 

Maybe you over did it on a piece in the studio, on your scale drills that apply something physically challenging like sequencing concepts, or legato ideas. Or, your pain might even be the cause of something stressful occurring in your life, possibly something completely unrelated to playing the guitar. 

Whatever the cause of your pain, if you have it, you'll want the pain to go away. Living with chronic pain is awful, (to say the least). So, in this episode of the GuitarBlog Insider, we're going to discuss...  Stopping "Pain caused by Practicing Guitar." 

At the end segment of this episode of the GuitarBlog Insider, I mention a unique therapeutic "compression device" for musicians called the "Wrist-Grip." You can learn more about this innovative product by visiting the Wrist-Grip website at...

Stop the Pain from Guitar Playing



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