MASTERCLASS: Funky Melodic Guitar Parts

January 06, 2017:
Funky Melodic Guitar Parts

PART ONE:  In part one, the first example runs through the creation of melodic parts built from the notes around a primary chord. The examples key center is based off of a harmony from an "F7" chord. A scale line from a modal pentatonic approach applies notes of the "G Minor Pentatonic" Scale focusing on the scales "F" tone.

Example two, gets into extended dominant sounds found off of dominant 7th chord extensions of the "9th and 13th." Filler lines from the
"D Mixolydian" mode are built from around the central chord of "D9." A strong build up occurs at the progressions final measure using a series of surrounding chords from the dominant 9th color. A further extension is applied at the end with the color of a dominant 13th chord.

Watch Part 2 of this lesson in the members area where we'll study more funky melodic guitar ideas using embellishments and chromatic lines. Plus, we'll also learn about grooves that function as doubled /layered guitar parts. Paid members can download the handout along with the MP3 jamtrack in the members area at:



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