4 Methods for Reaching the Creative Zone


4 Methods for Reaching the Creative Zone

Creativity is important and reaching a state of mind where creativity can be easily attained is one of the most valuable skills of any artist... 

The question we need to ask up-front is whether we should think that we need to be in some type of a "creative mind-set" in order to be able to produce a; song, or an improvised melody.

This would mean we would need to question whether or not the concept of "getting into the zone" is necessary at all. Do we really need that for tapping into our creativity? Or, is it better to jump directly into doing the task first (i.e., writing a song or doing improvisation). That way we can just allow everything to "come together from the act" of being involved with creating.

In other words, we just allow the task to become the fuel that creates the inspiration and the creative flow, (instead of going at this from the other way around). We don't need to expect the inspiration and the creative zone to hit first, and then ride the feelings of "that state of mind" to enable us to produce something of substance. 

Why not look toward accomplishing all of this in reverse... Watch the video to learn more.

Methods for Reaching the Creative Zone



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