MASTERCLASS: Scale & Arpeggio Phrasing

January 20, 2017:
Scale and Arpeggio Phrasing

PART ONE:  In part one, our focus will be on redesigning melodies that are composed from the 5-tone Major and Minor Pentatonic scales. The first example will cover a Major Pentatonic scale melody in the key of, "A Major." We'll reorganize the Pentatonic idea to apply phrasing that will operate with the 7-tone "A Major" scale. Our second example will carry on with this concept but we will switch over to the 5-tone "A Minor" Pentatonic and the 7-tone "A Natural Minor," scale.

Watch Part 2 of this lesson in the members area where we'll study the concepts of transforming 5 and 7-tone Major and Minor scale melodies to phrases that target chord tones of an underlying progression using "Arpeggios." Paid members can download the handout along with the MP3 jamtrack in the members area at:



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