Making a Living Playing Guitar (4 Traits)

Making a Living Playing Guitar (4 Traits)

Playing the guitar as a primary income source may be a unique way to earn a living. It can also be very stressful. It's not the 1st choice career path for everyone. Learn what it takes to earn a successful life-long  income as a professional guitarist... 

If you decide that the only way you can make it through your life is by playing the guitar as your main source of income, then you need to realize that the select number of people who have had success at this all share very similar qualities. 

They've all learned a lot of their primary income skills through trial and error, and they've all worked very long hours developing their knowledge and experience for what they needed to do in order to establish and maintain their long term success as musicians. 

Obviously, there are common traits involved like; versatility, confidence, and musical skills. But, there are also other interesting attributes as well. In this episode of the GuitarBlog Insider, we're going to discuss. "Making a Living Playing Guitar."

In this discussion, we'll be running through FOUR areas that are important to anyone who's interested in Playing Guitar for a Living. They are; Becoming a Complete Musician / Learning to both Perform and Record to a high level of skill / Getting Comfortable with Technology / as well as, Learning to become a highly competitive person.

Making a Living Playing Guitar (4 Traits)



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