Micro Lesson 202: "A Lydian" Legato Speed-Lick

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 202"

This Micro Lesson runs through a Major Tonality Legato influenced speed-lick using the "A Lydian" Mode. 

This fast-paced lick applies both sixteenth-note triplets, as well as, thirty-second notes to produce a very quick flurry of notes that operates around the tonality of an, "A Major," sound. 

The lick begins from the 7th position on the 4th guitar string. It applies a, "double hammer-on," legato concept from the root of, "A," and runs up through the 3rd string highlighting the raised 4th degree of the Lydian mode. 

The lick then applies a very quick "thirty-second note" to "sixteenth-note triplet" phrase (over just one beat) from off of the 2nd string in the ninth position.  Another phrase, (using the same rhythmic pattern), occurs immediately after that from off of the 3rd to 4th string and completes the wrap-up of the first measure. 

The completing idea, (which works to finalize the lick), applies a sixteenth-note statement in the last bar of music. Keep in mind that this lick is meant to be played very fast. So, be sure to take your time committing each part of the run to memory. Once fully memorized, use a metronome to build up your speed to a manageable - but quick tempo. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 202: "A Lydian" Legato Speed-Lick