Easy Major Pentatonic Guitar Solo

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This week on the GuitarBlog we're going to cover playing a straight-forward guitar solo that uses the amazing Major Pentatonic Scale. 

The Major Pentatonic, (as well as, the Minor Pentatonic), are extremely important foundation scales for every successful guitar improvisor. 

Every Guitar Player needs to learn all of the Pentatonic Scales. And, this must be done all over the Guitar fingerboard. During this integral "fingerboard learning period" the Pentatonic scales also need to be studied within melodies. Once they are at a high enough level of awareness, they can be applied over progressions either by composed melodies, or through improvised phrases. 

One thing that I've noticed, (after teaching the guitar for over 20 years), is that scales can easily be forgotten. And, sometimes if they are not fully memorized for use under pressure, (such as live on-stage, or playing them when we're soloing), they can fall apart right in the middle of a gig.

By practicing basic solos, learning several melodic lines and by memorizing the scale patterns, we eventually develop sure-fire ways to really get these scales up to a very high level of skill. 

For this lesson, I've composed a 12-bar melody using the, "A Major," Pentatonic Scale. Learn the melody and play it along with the chord changes.

Easy Major Pentatonic Guitar Solo

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