6 Music Business People You Should Avoid...

One of the best (and worst) things about the music biz is the characters you'll meet. There are plenty of them, many of which are caricatures. Some will entertain you fully; others will grate on every last one of your nerves. But some, (like the six types of people listed below), you'll want to avoid, despite the humor they may supply.

1. The name dropper
Name droppers do just that. They "know" everyone and are vocal about saying that they know everyone. The funny thing is, the names they drop don't always know them. It's a way of seeming important and seeking validation by claiming to "know" big names when all the name dropper really knows… is the moniker.

2. The guy who made that one person famous
These types coast on past successes. They very well may have been part of the team that made [insert name here] famous. But when they're constantly referencing things that happened 25 years ago that aren't relevant today, it's time to move right along and steer clear.

3. The too-old-school-for-his-own-good guy who uses outdated terms like "cool cats"
This guy is out of touch but thinks he's still with it and a "groovy cool cat" by using terms like that. He's generally harmless, but he can get annoying using that outdated vernac!

4. The bitter former musician
A lot of music industry folks were once musicians who've since changed gears. Some were successful as artists. Some failed. Regardless of whether they succeeded or not, many are gracious and impart wisdom from life in a band into the current gig. Others are bitter and make that very obvious. It's that passive aggressive, "I-know-better-because-I-did-it" attitude that makes this type - one to avoid.

5. The punisher
This is the guy who does not give up – be it a writer, a band dude, an industry dude, whatever. He's the one who's constantly hitting you up for something. For a writing gig. For a write-up. For a hookup. He doesn't stop hounding. He also quickly makes himself a nuisance, like a dog that has a death grip on your pant leg that you can't shake off no matter what.

6. The technology hater
There are super old-school types who don't like downloadable or streaming music and/or media and refuse to give up on CDs and vinyl and even cassette tapes. They can't get with the now. And so they constantly remind you that they don't like digital files or formats. While one can respect that stance, it's not practical, with it, or modern. You have to evolve and adapt. The music business is a massive $5 Billion dollar beast and it tends to set it's own direction. So, simply put... it doesn't care about your interest in tapes! 

Most of these lost "music biz" types are only nuisances and are not much more that simply annoying. Dealing with them can be taxing, (but generally not dangerous). So, it's best to be polite, tread lightly, and move right along. Avoid any kind of deeper dive into long conversation, or musical dealings. Especially if their agenda doesn't line up with your own.