Micro Lesson 197: "C Dorian" Lick for Minor 6 Chords

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 197"

This Micro Lesson runs through a fast-paced lick from the "C Dorian" Mode that works perfectly to cover the sounds of a "C" Minor 6 chord. 

The Dorian mode is the second degree mode of the traditional major scale. When playing any major scale off of the 2nd degree, the new scale takes on the Minor Tonality. 

This Minor sound is different from our typical Natural Minor in that the 6th degree of Dorian Mode is raised up to a major 6th interval. 

This makes the Dorian Mode excellent for applied use over the "Minor 6th" chord. The lick in this example begins from the "C Dorian's" major 6th tone of "A" to highlight the Minor 6 sound right from the start. 

A busy effect is generated with how this lick applies both 16th-notes and the 16th-note triplets. The use of all of these 16th-notes makes it very important that this lick be developed slowly and perfectly with all fingerings well memorized prior to building speed. Once this is done. Use a metronome to increase the speed up to the desired pace. Then try transposing the lick into other "Minor 6" chords. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 197: "C Dorian" Lick for Minor 6 Chords