Micro Lesson 165: "A Minor" 80's Pop-Rock Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 165"

This Micro Lesson breaks down an 80's Pop-Rock style riff based upon an open 5th-string power chord harmony in the key of "A Minor." 

The riff starts out from the open 5th-string "A" into an "A5" power-chord double-stop chord idea in 7th position. The minor key tonality is highlighted with an "F" major chord interval working against a VI-chord to VII-chord move which pulls in the, "G," chord. 

The, "A Minor Pentatonic," scale is used to establish a turnaround lick which brings back the idea from measure one. The final measure of this riff applies the popular, "Gsus4," to, "G," suspension /release sound with another, "A," Minor Pentatonic lick to wrap things up and prepare for a return back to the top of the progression. 

Take your time learning the fingerings and commit the riff to memory prior to building speed. Enjoy and have fun!

Micro Lesson 165: "A Minor" 80's Pop-Rock Riff