Micro Lesson 163: "B Phrygian" 16th-Note Modal Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 163"

This Micro Lesson works through a riff operating from the, "B Phrygian" Mode. 

This mode is the 3rd step mode from the key of "G Major." Since the harmony of the "G Major" key's 3rd degree is minor, the color of this progression takes on a Minor effect. 

The riff begins with two arpeggios of "G Major" and "D Major." These arpeggios lead us into highlighting the position of the "C" note and it's relationship to both "G and F#." These tones move us across to the "A" where we lead off of into a pull-off idea that includes both "G and D" open strings. 

The initial "D and G" major arpeggios return in measure two. However, this time we lead /point the riff into the note of, "B." This tone punctuates the end of the riff and generates a tonal response for us of "Bm." 

At this point a turnaround pull-off idea allows the riff to flow nicely back to the top. This final idea once again highlights the "B Minor" tonality as Phrygian by applying "D and A"  open strings. The "D and A" open strings strongly push the source of the riff as being the "B" tone. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 163: "B Phrygian" 16th-Note Modal Riff