Micro Lesson 155: "E Dorian" Progressive-Rock Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 155"

This Micro Lesson takes a look at a Progressive-Rock riff in the "E" Dorian Mode. 

The riff involves the open 6th string, "E" bass-note from the opening run operating as an anchor to the tonic of the mode. 

The riff moves across, "E" Minor Pentatonic ideas until bringing in the, "C#" tone which is the primary color tone of the Dorian mode, (E Dorian's raised 6th interval). 

The "A" is appearing in a strong connection with the entrance of the "C#." This produces a harmonic link to the chord tones of an "A7" chord. 

These tones and colors repeat in a similar fluid manner across the 3rd & 4th measures. The final 'turn-a-round' measure applies higher register tones from "E" Dorian to take the progression back to the top. 

Work slowly over time developing the riffs speed and fingerings, (be careful not to go too fast too soon). Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 155: "E Dorian" Progressive-Rock Riff