Micro Lesson 158: "G Major" Folk Fingerstyle Jam

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 158"

This Micro Lesson explores the world of Folk Finger-picking with a short picked pattern in the Key of "G Major."  

The finger-picked pattern begins off of the "G Major" chord and follows a picking structure of plucking the outer to inner note groups. 

This continues across "D Major" and "E Minor" chords in measure two. And, then through "C Major" and "G Major" chords in measure three. 

The rhythm changes slightly in bar three with dotted eighth-notes wrapping up the chords to highlight the completion of the phrase into the final measures "D5" chord. 

A suspended riff finishes the phrase and allows the pattern to cycle back to the top. Work on one chord type until you develop the finger-picked pattern. Then, take the pattern through other chords slowly (measure by measure). 

As soon as the chord changes and the fingerpicked pattern feel smooth and easy to perform, start building the speed. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 158: "G Major" Folk Fingerstyle Jam