VIDEO: MXR Carbon Copy Bright from Pro Guitar Shop...

Pro Guitar Shop’s exclusive pedals are extremely well liked, they take popular pedals and tweak them to give a new angle on a pedals classic design. And, they certainly did a fantasic job with the classic "MXR Carbon Copy."

In this case they have taken the MXR Carbon Copy (which is known for it’s warm analog delay echoes) and created the Carbon Copy "Bright" which not only changes the look from a dark green to a bright sparkly green, but also given the effect of shimmery bright repeats.

The chip-set of the Carbon Copy Bright remains unchanged—warm, bucket brigade analog goodness is still the name of the game. Tone seekers will be thrilled with the changes to the circuit, as the repeats are more “vocal-like” than the original.

The Carbon Copy Bright certainly blurs the lines between vintage analog BBD chips and brighter vintage tape delays such as the Echoplex. A wonderful byproduct of a brighter delay is the perception of extended repeats further out than the original before feeding back.

The Carbon Copy Bright’s well defined repeats are a great companion to the original’s darker wash, and the new pedals design has them operate even better.

Inside the new pedal are two extra controls, Width and Depth which can be used to accentuate the brightness (even more and the maximum delay time which is 600 milliseconds).


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