Micro Lesson 150: "A Minor" Guitar Pop Melody

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 150"

This Micro Lesson works on a single-note pop guitar melody in the key of "A" Minor. 

The melody covers a set of fairly popular chord changes in the key of, "A Natural Minor." One important element of Guitar Pop melody is how strong the phrase is and how the melody acts as a hook that stays in the listeners mind. 

Beginning on the root chord of, "A Minor," the melody uses Minor Pentatonic Scale to highlight roots and minor 3rd intervals with passing tones. 

Measure two walks across the chords of, "F Major 6," and, "E Minor." Each chord is arpeggiated from the bass-tone into the treble. 

Measure three repeats much of what we saw happening in measure one. Strong emphasis is placed upon the arrival of the "C Major" chord in measure four. Where that "C" chord pushes into the VII chord of the key "G Major." However, the interesting thing is that the "G Major" chord is in a 1st Inversion Position, (with the Major 3rd" in the bass). Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 150: "A Minor" Guitar Pop Melody