Micro Lesson 149: "G Minor" Harmonic Minor Melody

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 149"

This Micro Lesson runs through a, "G Minor," melody that applies not just the scale tones of the, "G Natural Minor," but also adds the raised 7th degree (F#) of Harmonic Minor Scale. 

The  classically inspired melody in this Micro Lesson begins from the 5th degree of "D" up at the first string's 10th fret. A fast 16th-note run occurs off of the "C" tone into the "F#" at the end of the measure. 

In measure two, we begin at the tone of "A" and apply another similar rhythmic phrase which once again includes the raised 7th "F#" degree. 

The 3rd measure takes on a, "Bach," effect with the way we apply the root to 5th and then the raised 7th to 5th intervals. 

Finally in measure four the phrase wraps up with another Bach influenced resolution directly into the, "G Minor," chord by way of our raised 7th interval once again. 

Pay special attention to the fingerings throughout this melody. Some sections require excellent control. Use a metronome to build speed. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 149: "G Minor" Harmonic Minor Melody