Micro Lesson 152: "E Minor" Blues Rock Lick

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 152"

This Micro Lesson features a fast-paced eighth-note triplet lick in the key of "E Minor." 

Set in the Blues-Rock style, the lick operates high on the neck mainly centered in the twelfth and fifteenth position playing area. 

The lick begins with a double pull-off technique that is higher-up the neck but quickly drops down into a typical "E Minor Pentatonic" shape. The note of "C" is added to the Minor Pentatonic to create a connection to a scale tone outside of the typically used tones of Minor Pentatonic scale. 

Each phrase used in the lick are of a repetitive style and are primarily taken from the Minor Pentatonic. The final part of this lick is a repeating full-step bend idea that is rapidly performed three times with a sustain on the final note. Work with a metronome to develop the speed. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 152: "E Minor" Blues Rock Lick