MODES: "Tonal Note" Focus

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This weeks GuitarBlog takes a look at placing our focus upon the "Tonal Note" when studying the Modes. 

Guitar players can apply scales /modes much more effectively if the modes' pitches are focused directly from off of their appropriate "Tonal Note." This way, guitar players can create a strong tie-in to the shape of the scale /mode directed toward any other associated patterns possible for use along with the mode. 

Associated patterns can include; Arpeggios and Pentatonic Scales. For example; if a guitarist encountered a chord progression that promoted the use of the, "D Dorian Mode," then, this also means that they could use any associated patterns of, "D Minor arpeggio," as well as, "D Minor Pentatonic,"  to better focus upon the modes tonal note.

Therefore, the "Tonal Focus" always retains a point of center target at the tonic of the mode, (in our 'D Dorian' example this is obviously the tone of "D"). Targeting this as out primary tonic not only allows for greater melodic options, but it helps us as guitarists to treat the rally point of the mode as the pinnacle tone. As we achieve greater skills with the use of the modes, targeting each modes tonic and using associated patterns vastly improves our composing and improvising.

To demonstrate this, I've organized a three examples in this lesson for study and practice. The first example places a focus upon the Pentatonic. The second applies the focus at arpeggios. And, the third example focuses upon using the complete mode (off of its Tonic) along with a revamped group of chords. Enjoy this weeks lesson!

MODES: "Tonal Note" Focus

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