The Guitar-Jo Brings Banjo Sound to Electric Guitar!

The Guitar-Jo accessory gives an electric six-string guitar an identity crisis by making it sound like a banjo.

The "Guitar-Jo" sits under the strings, between the pickups, and is mounted on the body or pickguard using micro-suction technology. This is reported to make it easy to attach or remove the device as needed without causing damage to the host instrument.

The Guitar-Jo has three circular dampeners located to the front of the slim block body, each taking pressure application duties on two strings. The height of each dampener can be adjusted at the top of the device.

 The Kickstarter campaign launched to bring the Guitar-Jo into production has a somewhat modest funding target of US$2,900 and runs until September 25. Pledge levels for single units start at $45, with shipping slated for October if all goes to plan. The accessory can be seen in action in the video below.


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