The Amazing "BluGuitar AMP1" Pedal...

"Super-Charged" Guitar pedal... the BluGuitar - AMP1... If you've never heard of the revolutionary Amp1 by Thomas Blug, (he's a killer German guitarist who’s engineered and invented for Hughes and Kettner for 20 years), you're really missing out.

Thomas has invented what is essentially a 3-pound, 4-channel, 100-watt vintage Marshall that you can toss in your gig-bag pocket. The killer distortion comes from a nano tube.

Famous Los Angeles based session Guitarist, "Jennifer Batton," say's, "My sound has improved 1000-fold."

Watch his video below to learn more...

Recently, Thomas has started his own brand BluGuitar which will bring instruments and effects to guitar players with the utmost tonal integrity and all of Thomas' experience and knowledge. His feature product is the BluGuitar AMP1 - 4 Channel 100 Watts Tube Amp Power - all in a very smart travel friendly package with no tonal compromise.


  1. Man, does that thing look killer. Where the hell do you buy it though???