Open Sounding Guitar Chords

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This week's GuitarBlog covers how to create, "Open Sounding Guitar Chord," progressions. 

These rich sounding open-string harmonies can be easy enough to play... however the simplicity of the chord shapes, (along with the limitations of using the guitars' open strings), can cause some road blocks when attempting to create nice flowing open chord ideas. 

The trick to getting this open-sounding chord process down, (especially if you're trying this with standard tuning), will be a whole lot of patience. 

Begin by learning (or just inventing) a couple of random "simple" shapes (two notes spaced between strings works great). Then try organizing them against the open guitar strings. Keep it simple. If your ideas sound good, then build on them. If you can't build on an idea, try something different.

In this lesson, I'm going to begin with an on-screen theory lesson. It should work to help students get a solid idea of how this open-chord concept can operate on the guitar's fingerboard. Then, I'll head to the guitar and demonstrate a couple of live examples of how this sound can be applied. Enjoy!

Open Sounding Guitar Chords

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