Micro Lesson 196: "Key of E" Country-Western Boogie

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 196"

This Micro Lesson takes a Country Rhythm Guitar approach through a common sounding Country and western boogie groove in the key of "E." 

This phrase applies a popular boogie-woogie idea using a majority of it's scale tones from the Major Pentatonic scale. 

The chord movements for this harmony are a standard I-IV-V chord progression. Off of the tonic chord of "E" this gives us; "E, A and B." 

In order to more directly track this harmony, the Major Pentatonic scale is used off of the root for every chord. Since the Pentatonic scales are so closely related to arpeggios (chord tones) we achieve a strong connection from this type of targeted scale approach. 

The four-bar riff begins from the tonic chord of "E" and progresses through a "Minor to Major 3rd" sound as it builds a connection to the Country flavor. Similar scale riffs are applied to the other chords of "A and B." 

Take your time on this one by memorizing the phrase first. Then, build the speed up to a quick pace. Around 150 b.p.m. is a nice feel for this boogie idea. Also, be sure to try experimenting with taking this boogie phrase across longer progressions. Include "eight, twelve and sixteen" bar progressions in your practice. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 196: "Key of E" Country-Western Boogie


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