Micro Lesson 195: "F# Minor" Cascading (add2) Arpeggios

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 195"

This Micro Lesson runs through a melodic idea that applies several extended, large interval, arpeggio shapes in the key of "F# Minor." 

The shapes used in this arpeggio melody are called the "add2" chord /arpeggio patterns. These are very popular on guitar and are used in many different styles of music. 

Guitarist "Andy Summers" brought this chord into the spotlight with the "Police" songs, "Every Breath You Take," and "Message in a Bottle." 

The melody developed for this Micro Lesson begins in second position and produces a shape that stretches across out to the 6th fret. The shape is a double whole-step span and remains consistent throughout the entire progression. 

The roots of "F#, D and B" are applied using various tonal outlines across the melody. Keep in mind that these chords on their own do not generate a quality, (they are neither major or minor). 

To set forth or analyze a tonality when using them, we need to understand their use much the same as how power chords are analyzed for harmony. 

This involves tracking root note movement. If you are unfamiliar with this idea, please see my video lesson titled, "Finding Key Center when using Power Chords." 

Take your time on this arpeggio riff. The stretches can be demanding. Over time your hands will get used to the reach. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 195: "F# Minor" Cascading (add2) Arpeggios


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