Micro Lesson 194: "Key of D" Blues-Rock Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 194"

This Micro Lesson works out a catchy sounding Blues-Rock Riff from the key of "D." 

The riff operates around several different color tones and embellishes different tonal areas of the "Key of D Blues" harmony. 

The riff begins with an optional pick-up note phrase on the 2nd string from 10th to 8th frets. This short chromatic idea can offer to help bring in the first melody line at the start of the riff. 

In measure one, the Minor to Major 3rd plays a big role surrounding this important quality defining color-tone of the blues style. 

The busy nature of measure one gets a real slow-down in measure two where the "D" chord is strongly highlighted with chord tones and a sparse rhythm. 

Measure three introduces a very strong connection to the Dominant 7th color with both the "b7" (minor seventh) tone and Root-note target-tones attacked heavily. 

The turnaround measure at the end of the riff uses a "D Major" triad to act as both a resolution point and as a turnaround concept for our riff. And, it is important to state that the pick-up phrase can be included once again on the fourth beat. However, the use of the pick-up phrase is up to you. 

As always, begin by mapping out the fingering on the neck and use a metronome to build the speed after committing the riff to your memory. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 194: "Key of D" Blues-Rock Riff


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