Lead Guitar Soloing Basics

GuitarBlog: Lead Guitar Soloing Basics...

This week's GuitarBlog covers the basics of learning how to play guitar solos. 

When it comes to learning the basic principles of using any scale to play a solo we need to have decent skills with; familiarity of the scale pattern on the neck, physical technique for being able to play the scale, as well as, a relaxed application of; licks, scale fragments and melodic phrases. 

Additionally, we need to have a good enough ear for making different types of melodic resolutions into specific scale tones that properly affect the chord of the moment. Well placed use of scale tones including; chord tones, suspensions and scale extensions will make a big difference in your solos. 

Of course, this is obviously a lot of stuff to develop, but I'm going to break it all down into a system that you can start working on right away to help you learn the basics of ,"Lead Guitar Soloing."

Lead Guitar Soloing Basics

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