Micro Lesson 169: "G Major" Country-Rock Melody

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 169"

This Micro Lesson explores a "G" Major melody in the style and sound of Country Rock. 

The melody begins  with a few Major Pentatonic pick-up notes off of the beat of three and brings in a double-stop chord idea into the harmony of a "G Major" chord on the first measure. 

More of the Major Pentatonic scale is used to bring in the next measure's "D" Major harmony. The melody is further highlighted into the next "C Major" chord by way of 6th intervals played between the 3rd and 1st strings. 

These 6th interval sounds really accent the flavor of the Country-Rock style. The melody line wraps-up at the end with the key centers root chord of "G Major." 

All in all the melody is fairly easy to play due to the ample use of Pentatonic scale and simple chord voicings and techniques. Take your time memorizing the part and allow it to build up to a comfortable rate and pace once it becomes comfortable to play. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 169: "G Major" Country-Rock Melody


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