Micro Lesson 160: "A Major" Pop Jazz Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 160"

This Micro Lesson works on a smooth Jazzy riff with passing licks in the key of "A Major." 

The riff establishes a diatonic seventh chord progression in the pop-jazz style. The "jazz-effect" of this progression is established using the chords of; "Amaj.7" "C#m7" "Dmaj.7" and "E7." 

This chord harmony is what is referred to as a, "I-III-IV-V," in the key of "A." The changes are all diatonic to the key. The progression also contains passing licks. When each chord is played it is backed up by a short melodic phrase /lick from the, "A Major Scale." 

The rhythmic meter of each phrase varies, which can make the initial learning of the riff somewhat difficult. Take your time developing each of the woven melodic phrases and work toward memorizing the sound and the rhythm of each melodic statement.  This will make it easier to play them.

With practice, the short melodic licks that bridge the chord harmonies will become easier. Use a metronome to develop your pace across each measure. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 160: "A Major" Pop Jazz Riff


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