Micro Lesson 157: "A Phrygian" Rhythm Progression

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 157"

This Micro Lesson explores how to play an, "A Phrygian Mode," Rhythm Guitar Progression. 

The Phrygian Mode is the 3rd mode of the major scale. The tonality of Phrygian is Minor. However, when compared to the standard Natural Minor Scale, (Aeolian Mode), Phrygian contains a lowered 2nd degree.

Off of the tonic of "A" the lowered 2nd becomes "Bb." This  rhythm progression applies "Am" triad as the central chord for the chord changes. The open "5th" string "A" sustains across every one of the measures and supports keeping the sound of the Phrygian mode ringing strongly in the bass. 

Other chords supporting the harmony of "A Phrygian" include "Bb Major" and the "G Minor." An "F Major.7" is also included within the final measure to help pull the chord changes around back to the top. 

Take your time establishing a solid feel for these changes. Once the changes are comfortable, record them and practice soloing over the progression using both, "A Minor Pentatonic," as well as, the, "A Phrygian Mode." Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 157: "A Phrygian" Rhythm Progression


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