Micro Lesson 153: "A Mixolydian" Jazz Melodic Idea

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 153"

This Micro Lesson explores the mode of, "A Mixolydian," with a melodic line featured within a jazz context. The melodic idea is taken directly from the "A Mixolydian" Mode. 

It contains no passing or altered tones. Application of this idea can be over the "A" Dominant 7th chord, or over a modal progression in "A Mixolydian." 

The part begins from the modes 2nd degree and drops to the tonic off of the up-beat of the beat of two. Chord tones make up a large part of the first measure. Our initial resolution is found in measure two. 

However, in measure three and four we find a very similar phrase as we saw applied in the first two measures. Resolution in measure four is once again into the tonic of "A." 

The rhythmic meter is 90% eighth-notes with one quick hammer-on pull-off phrase on the second section of the melody. take your time learning the fingering for the position shifts. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 153: "A Mixolydian" Jazz Melodic Idea


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