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This weeks GuitarBlog covers Guitar Strum Patterns... Strumming (and the role of Rhythm Guitar).

Getting very competent at Rhythm Guitar Strumming technique and your timing are very important to every guitar player because these make up the primary role that we serve in the bands we play in. 

When you consider how little time we would actually spend playing lead /solo's it is minimal, compared to the amount of time that we's spend strumming chords (rhythm guitar). This means that we need to have both excellent control and excellent feel for the common rhythmic durations found in all popular contemporary music styles. 

In this lesson, I will work through three Guitar Strum Patterns that we would typically find used in; Blues, Pop, and Rock Music. I will break down the feel of each using examples with on-screen notation and explain the job of the strumming hand. These should help you to get a good idea of how to approach developing these various strumming patterns. 

This will be very helpful to the future rhythm strumming ideas you will begin developing on your own. Enjoy this weeks lesson!

Guitar Strum Patterns

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