From Scales to Licks...

GuitarBlog: From Scales to Licks...

This weeks GuitarBlog covers how guitar players can move from just playing through scale shapes and start actually playing licks and melodies. 

Most guitar teachers, books and internet lessons show the guitar's scale patterns in tight position layouts (approx. 4-5 frets horizontally). And, while some guitar licks are played from those types of closely grouped scale patterns, most are not. 

If you were to begin spending a good deal of time learning licks found in many of the most popular songs, you'd discover that there are a lot of "along the neck" (horizontal) patterns applied to create the licks and solos. 

The flip-side of this idea, is to start thinking more musically about the scale shape and also getting more inventive with the various layouts of the scale. 

In this lesson, we are going to run through a few different methods that you can use to begin breaking away from the generic scale shapes and start turning, "Scales into Guitar Licks." Enjoy this weeks lesson!

From Scales to Licks

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  1. A little confused by the lesson. If you don't think in terms of scale patterns, then how do know where you are or going on the neck while you're trying to craft a solo from a scale? Thanks