RHYTHM GUITAR: Mastering Strum, Style & Feel

RHYTHM GUITAR: Mastering Strum, Style & Feel 

Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers a viewers question... 

Q: I need some practice ideas for my rhythm guitar skills. My strumming technique seems off a little and this is a problem for my rhythm skill when I'm strumming. This also causes me problems with my ability to strum different guitar styles. And, I think these (and some other weak areas) are causing me trouble with my overall 'feel' for rhythm guitar. Can you help?
Jack  - Springville, UT. USA

Any guitar player who wants to master their Strum Technique, their Understanding for Rhythmic Style and who wants to gain a better awareness for their overall rhythmic feel needs to devote some serious time and effort to this. The ability for really good rhythm skills is paramount and it involves several factors. These include; Feeling a constant pulse in your playing, Being accurate with learning the rhythmic meter of any part, Staying Relaxed, Hearing the groove in your head and following a beat without breaking the flow of the rhythm. Once you have these abilities, (combined with the necessary physical traits involved with highly developed strumming), you'll be well on your way to Mastering your Strumming, Style and your Feel.


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