Minor Pentatonic Position Method

GuitarBlog: Minor Pentatonic Position Method...

This weeks GuitarBlog takes a look at working with re-positioning Diatonic Pentatonic scale ideas. 

For example, if we performed an "A Minor" chord (as a looped jam-track chord), and we played the fifth degree "E Minor" Pentatonic Scale, we would get a really cool effect from performing that scale under the "A Minor" loop. 

We could get another cool sounding effect if we kept the "A Minor" chord as our jam-track loop and performed a "B Minor" Pentatonic Scale over the "A Minor" chord. 

We could even take things a step further and add unique tones to the "A Minor" as extensions. The possibilities are pretty far reaching with this idea and can be a lot of fun to practice composing and improvising with. 
Enjoy this weeks lesson!

Minor Pentatonic Position Method

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