Micro Lesson 151: "E Minor" 70's Style Soft-Rock Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 151"

This Micro Lesson covers a 70's style soft-rock riff that we might find in a song by the Eagles, Hall and Oats, or Fleetwood Mac. 

The riff pushes through the key of "E Minor," off of the open low 6th string. Upper register notes in measure one are chord tones from the, "E" Minor triad and "E" Mi7 chord. A passing tone of "A" brings in the next measures "D" major chord applying chord tones. 

A Pentatonic  lick brings in the 3rd measure's "VI" chord of "C Major." This chord becomes suspended (with a sus2) at the end of the measure. 

The fourth and final measure comes back to the "D Major" chord once again. The Pentatonic is applied one last time using the notes of, "A, B and D" to turn the riff around back to the top. 

Work with a metronome to build the speed. Take your time for the fingering on the "Csus2" chord. It can be tricky to perform smoothly. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 151: "E Minor" 70's Style Soft-Rock Riff


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