Micro Lesson 147: "A Minor" Pop-Rock Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 147"

This Micro Lesson  jams out on a Pop-Rock Guitar Riff in the key of "A Minor." 

The riff applies a popular sounding interval outline of the chords associated to the riff. This means that the phrases are only using  pairs of intervals in direct relationship to each chord. This technique was successfully used by Eddie Van Halen in the song "Dance the Night Away." 

In Micro-Lesson 147 I use a similar concept across a progression that contains two chords per measure. With such busy harmony we can achieve excellent high-lighting of the intervals for each chord using intervals. 

Measure one uses Minor and Major 3rds. Measure two takes an approached based more upon the 5th (Power-Chord). Measure three again applied the Power-Chord. And, measure four sustains an "E" chord as a turnaround idea. 

Take your time determining fingerings and use a metronome to develop the continuity and speed. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 147: "A Minor" Pop-Rock Riff


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