Micro Lesson 142: "E Mixolydian" Classic 80's Rock Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 142"

This Micro Lesson explores the sounds of a Classic 80's Rock Riff in "E Mixolydian." 

Using chords from the key signature of, "A" Major, this riff places its focus upon the fifth chord of "E." Doing this anchors the "E" chord as the focal-point in our harmony creating a Mixolydian situation.

This riff operates around a series of single-note line phrases of which begin with pick-up tones into the first measure. 

The single-tone phrases highlight chord tones from the "E" Major chord. In measure two, an, "A" Major, chord phrase appears to pull into, "A," but then it returns into the "E" chord once again. 

The final measure is really cool sounding with double-stops punching the chords of, "D, A and E." to turn the progression around back to the top for looping. 

This progression can be performed with a flat-pick, finger-style, or with hybrid (pick and finger) plucking. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 142: "E Mixolydian" Classic 80's Rock Riff


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