Micro Lesson 141: "G Mixolydian" Folk-Rock Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 141"

This Micro Lesson works on jamming through a Folk-Rock riff in, "G Mixolydian." 

The Mixolydian riff uses a combination of power-chords and Major quality chords from the harmony of this key center. 

The riff begins from the tonic chord of the key center (G Major). This "G" chord applies an "A" tone into the harmony of this "G chord" to produce the effect of an "add2" chord. 

In measure two, the "F" major chord appears and applies an open "G" 3rd string to create another "add2" effect. Measure three moves into the IV chord of the key center (C Major). 

Along-side of this "C" chord we also have a "Hendrix" style melodic statement which acts to highlight the chord tones of the "C chord." 

In our last measure we move across all of the chords performed during the first three bars. These chords move in rapid succession and must be well rehearsed in order to flow properly. Take your time developing the riff, and strive for the use of finger-plucking technique. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 141: "G Mixolydian" Folk-Rock Riff


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