Micro Lesson 139: "Key of A" Country Rock Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 139"

This Micro Lesson covers a Country Rock style guitar riff in the key of "A." 

The riff operates from a traditional blues boogie idea pushing the riff along through measures one and three. 

This boogie idea is combined with a 3rd string bend and a 4th string pull-off. Measure two adds a sus4 concept around the "A" chord with a double hammer-on idea that brings in an "A" tone on the second fret of the 3rd string. 

In measure four there's a fast turnaround phrase that uses slides to travel along the 4th and 3rd strings up into the 2nd string. The final phrase is a Pentatonic lick that resolves into the root of "A" on the 4th string seventh fret. 

Watch the fingering across the phrase. Pre-plan how each idea connects across the string sets. Use a metronome to build the speed on the final fourth measure as the line resolves. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 139: "Key of A" Country Rock Riff


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