Micro Lesson 135: "D Mixolydian" 6th-Interval Country Riff

Welcome to... "Micro-Lesson 135"

This Micro Lesson covers a sixth interval riff using the harmony of "D Mixolydian." 

The riff begins from high on the neck at the 14th frets of the 1st and 3rd strings. The initial phrase progresses down the neck until 10th position where we cross over to the 4th and 2nd strings. 

At the second measure the riff returns to the 1st and 3rd strings where it descends all the way down to the 3rd position. From this point we double-back on the 4th and 2nd strings once again to drop into the 7th frets of those strings and carry downward again toward the 1st position. 

At the fourth and final measure we have a turnaround lick that applies the pentatonic scale to create an interesting cadence strong enough to loop the phrase back to the top (if desired). Be sure to use your middle finger of the fret-board hand to track all lower notes. Use hybrid picking or finger-plucking to perform the double-stop sixth intervals. Enjoy!

Micro Lesson 135: "D Mixolydian" 6th-Interval Country Riff


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