GUITAR THEORY: Lead Guitar Soloing Areas

GUITAR THEORY: Lead Guitar Soloing Areas

Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers a viewers question... 

Q: I've been working on a couple of scale shapes and I'm trying to learn a few leads. I've already looked into the CAGED system. But, I'd also like another way to learn the neck. I see players going all over the fretboard when they solo, but I don't really know how that could be studied. So, I am hoping that you might have a method for soloing all across the neck.
Todd  - Queensland, AUSTRALIA

When it comes to understanding layout concepts for how to play better solos, the two top priorities need to be learning where unisons are located, and how neck regions operate. In this lesson, we'll take a look at how the neck regions can become a part of a study routine for using; the Pentatonic Scales, the Major & Minor Scales, and Arpeggios in different neck areas. We'll establish harmonies as well as, melodies that cover a large region of the fret-board. Once you've had a chance to try these ideas, you can move on to creating your own similar ones.




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