Play This Scale for 1 min and See Why its so Much FUN !!

Having this much fun with a scale should be illegal! Especially when it sounds as cool as this one! Hold on to your hats, because if you love old Spaghetti Westerns playing and jammin' on this scale won't be a challenge - especially if you're looking for a scale it hits all the best Ennio Morricone style tones...

Needing a little more musical fun in your playing? Then, look no further, I’m going to deliver exactly that in this lesson.

And, if you are new to this type of sound, (Phrygian Dominant), then you'll want to learn the riffs and licks that I've added to the lesson.

Plus, if you want to adopt a more rigorous total scale workout routine using Phrygian Dominant, then you will want to check out the special offer I've created just for this video lesson!


We’re continuing with learning scales that are fun to play and this time I’ve got a great one for you, especially if you like the sounds from all of those old spaghetti westerns with that Spanish overtone to the music, you’re going to love this scale.

It’s called the “Phrygian Dominant” and it’s very cool sounding. Let’s jump right into this lesson with a quick play through of a couple of scale patterns in two different registers of the fingerboard...

Play the patterns: 

Low Register…

High Register…

As you can tell, the sound of this scale is really quite different. And, it can be applied in several music styles.

One really cool idea for using it can be off of a low root note droning in the bass, (and if you compose riffs from drone notes – the Phry. Dom. sound works well for Progressive Rock).

Drone Note Example:


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Melodic concepts are also very interesting when using the notes of this scale.

Melodic Phrase Example:

Another interesting approach for using this scale also creates great ideas based upon 2-note chords (like in those old spaghetti westerns).

2-Note Chord Example:

The Phrygian dominant scale comes from the fifth mode of the Harmonic Minor scale, (it gets its name from the fifth of Harm. Min. being that scales dominant).

And, the term of “Phrygian” comes from the fact that it resembles the third mode of the major scale (known as the Phrygian mode). The difference however, is that Phrygian Dominant has a major third.

Also, it’s important to say that if you are studying from the Berklee method, you’re gonna notice this scale listed as the Mixolydian ♭9, ♭13 scale, (in other words) a Mixolydian mode with a lowered (2nd) and a lowered (6th).

It’s also important to state that this is a popular jazz scale! In Jazz, the Phrygian Dominant would be used as a popular way to play jazz melody lines over secondary dominant chords.



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