Perfect Licks for Lead Guitar

What is the "Perfect" Guitar Licks Workout? The perfect Guitar Licks workout should consist of licks that are technical and fast, but there are other important ideas for licks as well. Licks that only focus on one style or tonality doesn’t make a guitar licks workout complete... 

In order to round out your lick knowledge you will need to hit the different tonalities, (Major, Minor, Blues), the idea of lateral motion (along the neck), and you'll need to work with a variety of carefully selected phrases to hit every "phrasing device" function of guitar licks in the right sequence.

That is what we will do in this video. We’re continuing with another lesson on perfect guitar ideas, this time covering perfect guitar licks. Now guys you have to realize guitar licks may only occur for short segments of a piece!


Sometimes they are very limited in certain songs. But, when you do need to add them in, maybe as an intro. (or, of course played during a guitar solo), you’ll need to have the musical experience, and the technical control to perform them smoothly.

In this lesson, I’ve got six guitar licks were going to cover that work through minor and major tonality, I’ve got Blues ideas, and several technical concepts like legato, triplet feel, as well as bends and slides. 

If you can perform these licks you’ll have no trouble laying down solos in almost any song or any music style out there – so, let’s get started...

1). Minor Pentatonic, descending sequenced lick (2 positions).

2). Nat. Minor Scale, ascending legato speed lick.

3). Minor Pentatonic, swung feel technical: bends, pull-off, slide.


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4). Mixed Blues based idea (phrased with both Major & Minor Pent.).

5). Major key lateral – slide based - guitar lick (multi-position).

6). Major Pentatonic Scale: 2-note chord “along the neck” lick.

Well there you go guys, the Perfect guitar licks workout for Lead Guitar - with something for every tonality and technical approach on the guitar fingerboard.

And, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or you’re an intermediate level guitar player, these examples will help you with being able to cover a wide scope of different licks and melodic phrases that you’ll find performed in a majority of the top 40 songs out there...

The fact of the matter is you have to understand there isn’t one single perfect lick for every song, every tonality or every playing situation.

So, you’re going to need to have as much technical flexibility and song experience as possible.

But, when you understand why you’re playing what you’re playing, and how to play what you hear on most song recordings, you can come pretty darn close to perfect, and this collection of licks is an excellent group to start learning from.



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