PERFECT Chords Workout - Do This EVERY Night! (3 LEVELS)

Have you been searching for a way to perfect your chords with a single chord quality only workout? Well, if you are, you better pick the right variations of chords and know how to construct your workout properly.

In this lesson, I’m going to show you a perfect chords workout that you can do anywhere on the neck! And regardless of what ability level you are at now, you'll be able to do this workout every night.

You'll learn a comprehensive Triad, Seventh Chord and Inversion based workout that will take you to your limit and get your chords growing with very little experience required.


In this post we’re going to continue working on chords with a PERFECT chord workout exercise that hits three important levels of chord practice. And, these include; working with triads, with 7th chords and adding a few inversions as well.

Once organized, this workout is a fast exercise that you can do in your evening practice routine to cover all kinds of different chords in real ways that you’d typically play and use them in songs.

Let’s get started with our first work-out for this exercise with a look at using Triads, within a major sound…

Major Triads 

The thing to understand about this exercise is that you’ll be exploring the use of different chord types that “sound interesting” with each other.

There might not always be a wide variety of chords in your exercise workout, but go at your own pace and apply the most manageable chords for each exercise.

Whether your exercise is Major or Minor, you’ll always be able to use Diminished Chords as a way to connect your group of chords together.

After you understand the group you’ve selected from one tonality, you can up-grade the chord types to the next level of harmony in that same tonality! We started with Major triads, so next up are; Maj.7th.


Seventh Chords (Major)

If you’re unfamiliar with being able to play a large assortment of guitar chord patterns, then perhaps get online and find a chord app that offers a wide array of different chord patterns.

Or, you could do this the old fashioned way and just pick up a chord book at your favorite local music store.

The idea is to introduce yourself to a lot of chord types each week, and then over time, (and with practice), you’ll have a lot of fresh new chord shapes to introduce into your playing.

Not only does this drastically improve your dexterity on the guitar fingerboard, but it also seriously improves your overall playing versatility as a rhythm guitarist.

In this lesson, we’ve covered, Major Triads, Major 7th, Dominant and the use of the different diminished chords to help connect the exercises. But, you can expand on this to include the Minor patterns as well.

Before we wrap up I’ll help you get started in that direction, with a “Perfect Chords” exercise for the Minor Triads.


Triad Chords (Minor)



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