6 BEST Guitar Exercises (DO THESE !!)

When it comes to picking the best guitar exercises, we need to look at which ones compliment the functions of the techniques that are used in playing guitar to the best of our ability. In this lesson, I am going to pick what I feel are the 6 best guitar exercises to grow your; Accuracy, Dexterity, Speed, (Vertical and Horizontal Movement), as well as, the Control over each Guitar String, (control over; Bending and Vibrato)... 

As always, I am going to provide the science behind why these 6 exercises should be included in your guitar training.

In this lesson we’re going to cover six of the best Guitar Technique exercises, that work together to help you perfect the best ways to fill in all the gaps that most players have technical problems with.

These areas include; Accuracy, Dexterity, Speed, (Vertical and Horizontal Movement) and Control Over each Guitar String, (which includes the control over; Bending and Vibrato).


These are the primary topics that guitar players tend to have more troubles with than any others and in this lesson I want to make sure that you’re not missing out on any of the areas that you could use more help with. So, let’s start breaking these ideas down here – one by one.

Exercise 1). 
First accuracy and dexterity drill. Position shifting and coordination of the use for all four fingers.

Exercise 2). 
Second accuracy and dexterity drill. An in-position string crossing exercise for better fretting ability and increased coordination when using all four fingers within a playing area.

Exercise 3). 
Speed exercise focused more upon the control and the relaxed development of the pick-hand.


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Exercise 4). 
Speed exercise for left and right hand tracking of notes. Helps with the ability for developing better accuracy as notes are changed on the fretting hand and must be tracked with the pick.

Exercise 5). 
Learning how to execute the best feel for single-string control while developing both smooth and accurate note movement when either doing bends, or performing vibrato technique.

Exercise 6). 
Expanding the ability to reach out larger distances and attain a feel for the fret-hand where the hand does not feel like it is impossible (or strained) when reaching for notes that sit across a greater horizontal span of distance on the neck.

So there you go guys six exercises for improving your playing with better guitar technique and better playing skills. Plus, also keep in mind that you don’t have to limit yourself to only these six exercises.

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