RHYTHM GUITAR 020: Creating Rhythms (Jazz)

December 14, 2018:
Creating Rhythms (Jazz)

 NEW  The 20th lesson of "Rhythm Guitar" continues with a practice routine that has the sessions include composition. These final remaining Rhythm Guitar episodes not only include stylistic examples, but they also include a section for students to create their own original rhythm jams.

A bonus for BASIC and PREMIUM web-site members are the (9) MP3 play-along tracks that will help with learning each rhythm example. 

Paid Web-site members (BASIC and PREMIUM), can watch the associated video lessons and download the detailed PDF handout, along with the MP3 clap /strum play-along tracks...

Join the member's area to download the PDF handout and MP3's. Study all of the examples with full access to both video lessons. Be sure to spend some additional time on learning the "Rhythm Jam Challenge" piece that I performed at the start of the lesson in the "Part One" video...

The lesson plan for episode 20 is focused upon performing rhythms found in Jazz guitar styles. Four examples in the lesson will focus on covering; the "Gershwin" folk-jazz feel, the "Freddie Green" strong down-beat feel and I've also included a section covering Latin "Bossa Nova" beats along with a faster Jazz /Blues variation (similar to Be-Bop).

Watch the Part One Video FREE on YouTube:

PART ONE (free on YouTube):  Example one, runs through the folk-jazz rhythm style of "Gershwin's" popular number "Summertime." This groove applies a slow moving jazz /swung feel with a hint of Blues.

PART TWO:  In example two, the groove is applying a strong down-beat in the, "Freddie Green" style. This rhythm focuses on a two-bar phrase with the strong down-beat occurring on the beat of "1" for the first measure. One of the legendary songs that applies this groove is, "Fly Me to the Moon." 

Example three the "Bossa Nova" feel of Latin rhythm. This single measure phrase has a strong staccato attack on the beat of one with pushes on the down-beat of two and the up-beat of three.

The pattern used in example three can be performed with strumming or by Hybrid style comping. If you choose to strum this pattern, (rather than comp it), the strum would consist of three down-strums and an up-strum on the up-beat of three.


PART FOUR:  Example four involves a unique four-bar phrase that generates a faster feel using a Jazz /Blues variation. This groove is based on the heavy accents of the down-beats of, "1 and 4," in the first measure, along with the down-beat accents of beats "3" in the third measure.

This  groove is similar to a be-bop feel with its longer use of rhythmic phrasing. The chord progression establishes a harmony from the key of "C Minor." The chords include (Cm7, C11, Fm7 and F11).

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